All Articles for version [6007]

     Wish : 60000062 Crossing and Selection Window transparent colors
     Wish : 60000122 Change the resources (vdres.txt) while the project is running
     Wish : 60000132 Manually type the color number in Color Dialog
     Wish : 60000139 JobLoop event occurs when a command job is inside a loop waiting from the user to press a m
     Wish : 60000147 CmdMtext CmdMtextEdit commands added.
     Wish : 60000157 Change EnableAutoGripOn during runtime.
     Wish : 60000159 Export properties for better line resolution.
     Wish : 60000161 hatched object to be drawn in action render(e.g. during move commands).
     Wish : 60000162 Divide and Measure methods added in curve object.
     Wish : 60000170 New methods added to vdPolyface object CreateSphere,CreateBox,CreateCone.
     Wish : 60000173 PolarTrack events and multi PolarTrackAngle values
     Wish : 60000174 New 3D sample added named Presentation.
     Wish : 60000177 ToStream and LoadFromMemory support Compress mode
     Wish : 60000180 Key handling in 6007.
     Wish : 60000181 Set hidden layers active and to hide active layers
     Bug : 60000129 GetItem method of vdDataObject is not returning a byte array
     Bug : 60000131 Special characters (diameter, degrees symbol)
     Bug : 60000134 Hatch properties of vdHatch object are not opened correctly in DXF files.
     Bug : 60000135 KeyPress event is not fired.
     Bug : 60000136 ZoomPrevious does not have effect with Zooms by mousewheel and midlemousedown
     Bug : 60000137 CmdInsert do not assept properly the values of ScaleX,ScaleY and angle parameters
     Bug : 60000141 Textstyles are not opened correctly in DXF.
     Bug : 60000144 AfterAddItem event does not pass correct parameter object with cmd command actions.
     Bug : 60000145 Transparency color of vdPalette does not take effect on fillcolor.
     Bug : 60000146 The Node osnap of vdPoints inside inserts is not working
     Bug : 60000148 frmXproperties dialog problems.
     Bug : 60000149 When opening DWG files the bigfont property of texstyles is always replaced with non existi
     Bug : 60000150 Layer Manager form(among others) crashes in simplefied chinese systems.
     Bug : 60000152 Polylines lost after saving VDF to DWG
     Bug : 60000153 In Point Style Dialog form, the image showing the point style takes the active Documents ba
     Bug : 60000155 DisableUndoWrite is not taken into consideration in writing to the Redo stack when performi
     Bug : 60000156 In CmdClipPaste command Insertion Point is not taken into consideration.
     Bug : 60000158 GetInnerEntityFromPoint does not return the actual object but it's subentity
     Bug : 60000164 Penwidth of Polyline is not saved neither opened in DWG files.
     Bug : 60000165 Compatibility with VDF version 5 files.
     Bug : 60000166 While using commands like Move,Rotate the Axis and Grid dissapear.
     Bug : 60000169 Properties are not hidden when using the - string for the vdImage object, and also the desc
     Bug : 60000175 AngBase and AngDir are not working properly.
     Bug : 60000178 The PenColor, PenWith, LineType, LineWeight, etc. in the action draw of the rectangle comma