All Articles for version [6009]

     Bug : 60000238 Improved compatibility with DWG/DXF Layouts and PrinterSetting
     Wish : 60000059 Leader (arrow) object
     Wish : 60000219 New method added:Slice method for vdPolyface object.
     Wish : 60000233 New Method "RemoveItem" on ExternalReferences (vdDocuments collection).
     Wish : 60000236 Saving information of External references layers compatible with dxf/dwg format
     Wish : 60000240 Support Frozen LayerList of vdViewport with vdraw DXF Open/Save.
     Wish : 60000251 New Method Added in vdDocument object named GetEnvironmentVariableadded.
     Wish : 60000257 Some Document propererties not to be global
     Wish : 60000259 CmdFillet with Radius support
     Wish : 60000266 When DisableZoomOnResize = true keep drawing zoom in same size and position when moving th
     Wish : 60000268 Blocks with entities in Layer 0, are not shown when "0" layer is frozen
     Wish : 60000270 A method to get the list of all inner entities and their matrix transfomation passing throu
     Wish : 60000280 HP-GL export
     General : 60000237 New Method Added CmdArea to the CommandAction.
     General : 60000243 New feature added in Printer's dialog and it can be used for PDF export.
     General : 60000244 NEW sample added named DeleteRemove explaining the differences between RemoveItem and Delet
     General : 60000248 New event GenericError in vdDocument object
     General : 60000250 New Method added in vdInsert object named SetAttribValue
     General : 60000262 Improved pdf and svg export with Text , linetypes and DoublePrecision support
     Bug : 60000234 Polylines are not displayed correctly in AUTOCAD when saved in DWG/DXF and have penwidth.
     Bug : 60000239 CmdStretch does not take into consideration the ToPoint parameter.
     Bug : 60000241 Parsing parameters of vdCommandAction with deferent Local Number Format
     Bug : 60000245 Problem with importing VDI with hatch pattern AR-CONC
     Bug : 60000249 Supportpath does not work with url paths like ""
     Bug : 60000252 SVG and PDF export are not save properly with comma NumberFormat decimal separator
     Bug : 60000253 PDF export problem when a Text has the character ')' and PDFExportProperties has the value
     Bug : 60000255 CommandAction.CmdRect has wrong display of Cursor in user action mode.
     Bug : 60000256 Clipboard Copy and Paste with vdImage objects.
     Bug : 60000258 Error when calling LastPoint property of vdDocument of VectorDraw Wrapper component
     Bug : 60000265 Bug when minimizing Vdraw control with DisableZoomOnResize = true;
     Bug : 60000267 GetSamplePoints of VectorDraw Wrapper 6.x component (vdraw.ocx) return incorect points.
     Bug : 60000269 FilterFigure event fires twice
     Bug : 60000274 PolyHatch with extrution vector other than 0,0,1 is not display properly
     Bug : 60000275 Wrong in saving ellipse in Dwg/Dxf format.
     Bug : 60000276 Dimension ArrowBlock is incorect in some DWG/DXF files
     Bug : 60000278 Double click event is fired twice in wrapper control