All Articles for version [6012]

     Wish : 60000371 Exclude , Intersect and Xor combine operations between polylines
     Wish : 60000384 Slice Method and SectionClipping with CoverFaces.
     Wish : 60000426 New Length and Angle command options for cmdPolyline
     Wish : 60000427 Set the background color to be a gradient, fading from one starting color to and ending col
     Wish : 60000433 New ExecuteCommand method for vdraw.ocx control to run a user custom command.
     Wish : 60000439 Improvemend of selecting entities when SectionClipping is on.
     Wish : 60000442 Add the AlphaBlending value to the PenColor Dialog.
     Wish : 60000450 Support of break and trim on ellipse object.
     Wish : 60000451 Export InitializePreviewFormProperties for the vdPrint dialog in the wrapper object.
     Wish : 60000462 Support Author, Title and Subject properties of vdFileProperties in PDF export file format.
     Wish : 60000466 Expose the commandline_execute event in VectorDraw wrapper componet.
     Wish : 60000469 Improvement of Horizontal and Vertical ScrollBar positions
     Wish : 60000471 TimerBreakForDraw to be accesible from Wrapper component
     Wish : 60000473 Drag 'n' Drop default implementation to be enabled by default.
     Wish : 60000481 PenWidth is not displayed in 3d render mode.
     Wish : 60000486 Set the vdraw.ocx disabled
     Wish : 60000489 Export OsnapModePreserve to the wrapper vdDocument.
     Wish : 60000499 Changes of vdInsert object's geometry also are being applied to the insert's attributes.
     Wish : 60000503 Hatches with HatchBlock slow draw
     Wish : 60000506 Right Click does not cancel drag operations.
     Wish : 60000509 Selecting HighLight Changed in order to be more clear.
     Wish : 60000512 GetString, GetReal and GetInt are canceled if the Control cannot get focus.
     General : 60000447 OnAddItem , OnAfterAddItem of vdDocument and AfterAddEntity , AddEntitity of vdraw.ocx wrap
     General : 60000460 When the same object item is added in a collection an exception is being thrown by vectordr
     General : 60000518 vdAction properties corrections to be compatibe with version 5.x
     Bug : 60000434 The ToolTip component may cause a memory leak
     Bug : 60000438 Osnap Issue with large polyface inside vdInsert object.
     Bug : 60000441 Missing lines from PDF export when done in Black and White
     Bug : 60000443 Selection with FENCE mode is not working correctly when entity's segments are over the fenc
     Bug : 60000444 Minor osnap issue with OsnapModePreserve
     Bug : 60000448 The second Colour pickbox in Gradient tab of Hatch dialog doesnt update its colour
     Bug : 60000449 Thikness of vdtext object is not getting values using vdraw.ocx
     Bug : 60000452 BasePoint is not correct when opening DWG files.
     Bug : 60000453 Hatch dialog does not retain DrawBoundary property of the passed objects.
     Bug : 60000454 Tooltip is not displayed correct with smal font size
     Bug : 60000455 Hatchproperties and Undo/Redo.
     Bug : 60000456 DropEffect reference parameter in VDDragEnterEx and VDDragOverEx events of vectordraw wrapp
     Bug : 60000457 Item of polyhatch has incorect vertexlist in Wrapper
     Bug : 60000459 FillMode with VdFillModeImage is not render properly in 3d
     Bug : 60000461 Highlight of overlapping line segments is not clear
     Bug : 60000467 Problem closing form when an action is activated inside a VectorDraw wrapper event
     Bug : 60000468 ToolTipDisplayProps thrown Exception depending on the operating system and local culture s
     Bug : 60000470 Inserts with Custom Objects inside fail to explode
     Bug : 60000474 RenderToDC and RenderToGraphics of vdDocument works on screen-devices but not on printer de
     Bug : 60000476 Cursor snaps only to 0,0,0 when Snap Space X and Y are 0
     Bug : 60000477 Save as PDF/SVG/HPGL fails with highlighted objects
     Bug : 60000478 TargetPoint of Viewport is not updated correct
     Bug : 60000479 SegmentIndexFromParam with param equals to Polyline length
     Bug : 60000480 Invalid characters in Xproperties while saving to vdml format.
     Bug : 60000484 VDDragDropEx, VDDragEnterEx, VDDragOverEx events of Vdraw Wrapper fire with wrong DropEffe
     Bug : 60000487 CmdRotate produces wrong results when AngBase is not 0
     Bug : 60000490 vdGroundSurface explode command does not produce the expected result.
     Bug : 60000496 ColorIndex and TrueColor properties are not saved properly in Undo History
     Bug : 60000497 Offset problem
     Bug : 60000498 newValue parameter of BeforeModify event in vdraw Wrapper ocx is null
     Bug : 60000501 Drawing Grip in a very small zoom throws an exception.
     Bug : 60000502 Texts in 3D are not displayed correctly after resizing the drawing window.
     Bug : 60000505 Cursor flashes during selection(default selecting boxes colours changed).
     Bug : 60000508 Drag operations when UCS is changed do not operate correctly.
     Bug : 60000513 Pan with middle mouse button change the IsModified property
     Bug : 60000520 IntersectWith between hatched polylines