All Articles for version [6013]

     Wish : 60000327 Volume calculation of vdGroundSurface object
     Wish : 60000343 Read ole2frame DXF objects
     Wish : 60000436 A new command to create Torus
     Wish : 60000483 Decrease PDF file size
     Wish : 60000500 Grip points on middle of the arc segments of a polyline
     Wish : 60000527 BaseAction Draw improvements
     Wish : 60000534 Sketch command with minimun step as polyline object when moving the mouse.
     Wish : 60000537 Objects with PenColor==Background color then in ActionRender they get the ForeGroundColor
     Wish : 60000541 Add index functionality to gPoint objects.
     Wish : 60000560 Globalisation of Layout Menu of vdScrollable control
     Wish : 60000561 vdDocument ToolTipText to be available through WrapperObject
     Wish : 60000566 Hide the combo box of the vdPropertyGrid
     Wish : 60000572 DXF2000 slow open
     Wish : 60000576 Purge Improvements.
     Wish : 60000577 Change the Viewing direction using azimouth tilt and twist angles.
     Wish : 60000580 CmdPolyline user action when ActiveHatchProperties FillMode is not vdFillModeNone
     Wish : 60000587 Filling the space between two Contours of vdGroundSurface
     Wish : 60000594 OutInBlackWhite property to affect DialogPreview
     Wish : 60000602 Improve DrawGrips speed
     Wish : 60000608 Solid fill Hatch with transparency doesn't export correctly in pdf.
     Wish : 60000611 In UCS View it is impossible to place an object vdLeader
     Wish : 60000612 Dimension is not drawn properly when World2UserMatrix is other than default IdentityMatrix
     Wish : 60000621 Using VDF in x64 projects
     General : 60000536 New Sample : MouseEntitySelection
     General : 60000547 Printer Margins with negative value problem
     General : 60000626 IntersectWith is not working with objects too close
     Bug : 60000521 Hatch problem with circlular arcs inside polyhatch object.
     Bug : 60000522 Leaders are placed wrong after exporting to PDF
     Bug : 60000524 Apparent Intersection of vdInsert and vdShape objects return incorect results.
     Bug : 60000526 Intersection between 3D lines in the same plane.
     Bug : 60000528 Viewport inside Model layout is been rendered and causes render problems.
     Bug : 60000529 GridMode in CE problem
     Bug : 60000530 Offset problems when polylines contain arc segments.
     Bug : 60000531 Linetype with SHX_TEXT segment is not displayed correct
     Bug : 60000533 Wrong results for TranformBy and MoveGripPointsAt methods of a vdPolyHatch object with extr
     Bug : 60000535 Open of vdText in DWG/DXF format returns wrong WidthFactor is text HorJustify is VdTextHorA
     Bug : 60000538 Measure returns different results from version 5 geomMeasure.
     Bug : 60000539 Moving grips in 3D view with UCSV
     Bug : 60000545 Break problem of lines parallel to Z axis
     Bug : 60000548 Osnap Perpendicular to work in 3D views
     Bug : 60000549 Some TrueType Fonts displayed with wrong height
     Bug : 60000552 Error when saving vdellipse objects with extrusion vector in DWG.
     Bug : 60000553 WidthFactor of vdTextStyle is not clonable in a vdTextStyle
     Bug : 60000554 Error saving Layouts in DWG/DXF format
     Bug : 60000555 Offset problem with a specific closed polyline.
     Bug : 60000557 Problem with purge for drawings containing dimensions with UserBlock
     Bug : 60000558 Error with Transparency of vdImageDef for 4bb pixelFormat Images
     Bug : 60000559 vdGrid control is not resizing properly whith Large selected display fonts
     Bug : 60000562 IntersectWith with of vdProxyFigure throws an exception
     Bug : 60000563 File drop in Wrapper returns empty array instead of the file string
     Bug : 60000564 LoadFromMemory with a compressed stream throws an exception.
     Bug : 60000565 When changing System.Color property types using Wrapper Object the OnUndoStoreValue and OnA
     Bug : 60000567 Offset problem
     Bug : 60000568 vdDimension objects with UserBlock and Extrution Vector other than 0,0,1 are not opened and
     Bug : 60000569 Problem with saving/opening drawing with custom objects in CE
     Bug : 60000570 Deleted xProperties are saved in dwg
     Bug : 60000578 ViewPort's zoomWindow and zoomExtents
     Bug : 60000579 3d Render bounds are not updated when user modify entities using Command Actions
     Bug : 60000584 vdInsert array loses row number in save
     Bug : 60000585 Insert Block dialog does not take into consideration the Zscale Value.
     Bug : 60000588 Polyline size when PenWidth
     Bug : 60000591 vdEllipse object with Extrusion Vector 1,0,0 and Major Angle <> 0.0 does not save in DXF/DW
     Bug : 60000592 Highlight of entities when Model's BkColor is White
     Bug : 60000593 In wrapper Limits are not set correctly.
     Bug : 60000595 Underline issues in 6013 version.
     Bug : 60000596 TransformBy of vdPolyHatch object has changed in 6013.
     Bug : 60000600 Invisible objects are taken into consideration while calculating insert's Bounding Box.
     Bug : 60000601 Swap method problem when used inside MakeIndexDictionary and ClearIndexDictionary
     Bug : 60000604 EnableProgressBar property of the wrapper does not enable/disable the ProgressBarPercent ev
     Bug : 60000605 Explode of insert with polyline with bulges when xscale differs from yscale
     Bug : 60000606 UCSPrevious problem
     Bug : 60000616 GetMtextPosition method of vdDimension returns a point in wrong Coordinate System.
     Bug : 60000622 Cursor is not hiden after MouseUp in vdBaseControlCE of VectorDraw Compact Framework
     Bug : 60000623 Bounding Box of vdEllipse object is not calculated correctly.
     Bug : 60000625 When OpenGLRender is Active Refresh method is not working properly.