All Articles for version [6014]

     Wish : 60000688 Export to DWF 3D file
     Bug : 60000662 Problem saving mtext in dgn
     Bug : 60000700 Polylines with negative PenWidth are not saved in DWG format
     Bug : 60000703 Dimensions in DWG with null reference of DimensionStyle are not shown
     Bug : 60000640 The hatches lose scale (measurement) when saved in DXF
     Bug : 60000641 DXF display text problem with unicode characters
     Wish : 60000057 Properties AlignToView, AlignToViewSize to ensure that the object is always aligned and wit
     Wish : 60000279 Ruler example in Csharp vdframed control
     Wish : 60000581 Support of Magnifier Glass with BaseActions in cursor position
     Wish : 60000586 Support CustomProperties for DWG/DXF
     Wish : 60000624 New AnyCPU Package and SideBySide (SxS) installation
     Wish : 60000627 Explode of vdText objects
     Wish : 60000630 Highlight of entities with penwith
     Wish : 60000645 Possibility to access the Text written to the vdCommandLine TextBox
     Wish : 60000648 Mouse wheel zoom to work when mouse is inside
     Wish : 60000658 Entities of Blocks belong in Layer 0 and with PenColor ByLayer to display the color of thei
     Wish : 60000668 Save vdRender's IsBlackAndWhite property
     Wish : 60000671 New features for CmdDim and Angular dimension type
     Wish : 60000677 Slow form creation when form has many VDF Wrapper components
     Wish : 60000681 A new property for vdRender object to get the Layout or Viewport that renders for.
     Wish : 60000692 RGB values to be available in the TrueColor picket
     Wish : 60000693 Retrieve version and also custom properties from a vdml vdcl file without opening the file
     Wish : 60000694 Improve the rendering speed with OpenGlRender
     Wish : 60000698 New method to set the document in BaseControl
     General : 60000635 Problem with command bhatch
     General : 60000650 IntersectWith problem of insert
     General : 60000660 Osnap.Intersect is slow with big insert or vdShape with many overlapping entities
     Bug : 60000628 Attributes issues
     Bug : 60000629 Explode of insert with Polylines with bulges
     Bug : 60000631 Problem with horizontal scrolling bar of vdScrollableControl
     Bug : 60000632 MatchProperties of vdTextstyle is not matching the BigFontFile and CodePage prperties
     Bug : 60000636 Issue with DisableZoomOnResize
     Bug : 60000642 TransformBy method of vdInsert object
     Bug : 60000647 MText objects in wrong location when TTF fonts are used with S parameter
     Bug : 60000653 OnNoFileFind event of vdDocument is not updating the fileName parameter
     Bug : 60000657 Some values are missing from VdConstPrintMode enum of PrinterMode property in vdraw.ocx Wr
     Bug : 60000661 PenCapsSquare produce wrong display in closed figures with penwidth biger than 0
     Bug : 60000663 TryOpen method returns false when called in doubleclick
     Bug : 60000665 IsBlackAndWhite is not Working with Viewport Render
     Bug : 60000669 vdAttribDef with IsConstant equals true display wrong TextString when inserted
     Bug : 60000670 Large Images are not displayed in CE devices
     Bug : 60000672 I cursor position error
     Bug : 60000673 Wrong vdViewport Draw when Layout WorldToView Matrix Offset is other than 0,0,0
     Bug : 60000674 Purge command remove TextStyles that are used on LineTypes
     Bug : 60000675 PrintPreview wrong display with other than 96 DPI
     Bug : 60000678 Error in NumDashes property of vdLineType of Wrapper component
     Bug : 60000683 Mode property of printer problems using wrapper
     Bug : 60000684 Globals.LineNearestTo Issue with point very close to the Line
     Bug : 60000689 Text, Mtext with SHX text style display wrong PenWith
     Bug : 60000691 Entity with background color (white) not to be printed as black when BlackandWhite is on
     Bug : 60000695 When twisting the view using the 3D control dynamic rotation, if twisting past about 100 de
     Bug : 60000696 SetDimOverwriteValue (wrapper) problems with color
     Bug : 60000697 Wrong Penwidth in some render modes
     Bug : 60000704 Edge visibility issue with Hide and ShadeOn RenderMode