All Articles for version [6016]

     Wish : 60000850 vdPoints of vdDimension userblocks from DWG files in DEFPOINTS Layer not to be added
     Wish : 60000919 Support associative hatches of DWG and DXF
     Bug : 60000851 Wrong UserToWorldMatrix when opening DWG Files
     Bug : 60000901 ActiveDimStyle and ActiveTextStyle are not saved in DWG
     Bug : 60000913 Some dwg/dxf Hatches are not propely shown
     Wish : 60000812 Ability to change the multi-select key
     Wish : 60000847 OpenUrl to be execute with a user press key code
     Wish : 60000848 Disable the layout Popup menu
     Wish : 60000852 Grip points in the middle of vdPolyline straight segments not to be displayed
     Wish : 60000855 Support hatching with 3d polylines
     Wish : 60000856 Export CommandLine as ActiveX control
     Wish : 60000865 Way to indicate the Beta version of Release
     Wish : 60000880 vdLayersCombo key events are not fired
     Wish : 60000888 Major OpenGL improvements using OpenGL lists
     Wish : 60000890 vd3DFace object to be able to be inherited
     Wish : 60000892 ToolTipDisplayProps property to apply to Document's tooltip also
     Wish : 60000895 Layer object method to get the collection of vdfigures that reference the layer object.
     Wish : 60000899 Lights to not be applied to text objects in 3D modes
     Wish : 60000905 Better Tolerance display of vdDimensions
     Wish : 60000909 New DrawPolygon method of vdRender object
     Wish : 60000912 Event to return the user text in commandline
     Wish : 60000918 Is it possible to specify a Truecolor inside MText
     Wish : 60000921 Paste text while in CmdText
     Bug : 60000540 Keyboard arrow keys do not fire the KeyDown event
     Bug : 60000849 DXF Dimensions are not shown properly
     Bug : 60000858 cmdMirror problem with inserts that have rotation
     Bug : 60000860 Wire frames of Lines and Polylines should not take into consideration the Lights
     Bug : 60000862 OpenGL rendering objects with very large Coordinates
     Bug : 60000868 Wrong draw color in block entities when PenColor is ByBlock
     Bug : 60000875 Attributes are not updated when AfterModify event is fired
     Bug : 60000881 Area of vdpolyface is not calculated correctly
     Bug : 60000904 Images with Transparency export in PDF,SVG filled black
     Bug : 60000916 Undo and Redo problems of polyhatch in Wrapper
     Bug : 60000922 Wrong Printer output when using Raster Image