All Articles for version [6017]

     General : 60001014 SPlines in DXF are growing the files size when the drawings is saved
     Bug : 60000957 Error reading DWG/DXF group objects
     Bug : 60000966 Xproperties of VectorDraw custom objects are not saved in DWG/DXF
     Bug : 60000997 Hatch missing from file
     Bug : 60001026 Exporting vdPolyface in dwg/dxf format
     Bug : 60001065 Hatch problem with SPlines ControlPoints
     Bug : 60001041 Minor issues saving to DXF
     Bug : 60001052 vdImageDef issue when saved in DXF
     Wish : 60000582 Support of Views and NamedUCS
     Wish : 60000590 Custom Layer's Combo Box component
     Wish : 60000806 New methods to save and load block and pictures to/from compressed memory string
     Wish : 60000863 Ruler text size and FontFile
     Wish : 60000882 Tangent option in cmdPolyline
     Wish : 60000891 vdEllipse InterectWith vdArc, vdCircle and vdEllipse
     Wish : 60000928 Moving grips or arc-segments of polyline
     Wish : 60000935 When I match two vdFigures the groups are not also matched
     Wish : 60000943 Property to disable the OSnap dialog
     Wish : 60000948 AlphaBlending to be supported with polylines and lines in Wire3d, Shade and Render modes
     Wish : 60000954 Use the line type on a line segment from the beginning and not from the center
     Wish : 60000955 CPU Usage is high when moving mouse using vdScrollableControl and RulerObject
     Wish : 60000958 Call commands transparently using the command-line
     Wish : 60000971 Support of Selecting Polyface inside solid faces
     Wish : 60000978 Support import of Google Sketchup (.skp) file format added to Vdraw.
     Wish : 60000989 CmdClipPaste to support Image, File Drop and Text Clipboard formats
     Wish : 60000990 Have a limit on the string characters when using cmdMText
     Wish : 60000994 Timer event for VectorDrawBaseControl is missing
     Wish : 60000995 Method to lock user action entities movement.
     Wish : 60001004 Tangent OSnaps on vdEllipse
     Wish : 60001020 Event to be fired when a dublicate handle of an object is changed
     Wish : 60001021 MaterialImage and MaterialMatrix of PenStyle to be applied on Solid Areas in wire2D mode
     Wish : 60001022 Exporting a version 6 vdml drawing into old version 5 vdf memory stream
     Wish : 60001028 RenderingQuality HighSpeed changed in order not to smooth images
     Wish : 60001030 cmdArc "3P" works different in version 6 than in version 5
     Wish : 60001035 INVISIBLE Hatch pattern to be added in HatchPatterns collection
     Wish : 60001039 Change ImageDef palette colors
     Wish : 60001043 Add in vdfCAD (VectorCADEx) the drag and drop functionality
     Wish : 60001049 Sensitivity of rotation in View3D VROT
     Wish : 60001053 Smoother mouse operations when in actions
     Wish : 60001057 Precision of doubles saved in VDML/VDCL
     Wish : 60001061 Support of DWG Surface (extrusion) object
     Wish : 60001067 Solid Fill Hatch for 3d polylines
     General : 60001019 User Interface improvements
     Bug : 60000926 Exporting PDF paperSize
     Bug : 60000927 VectorDraw.Geometry.linesegments.AddUnique method is not working properly
     Bug : 60000934 Scaled inserts with big scale factor are not displayed properly
     Bug : 60000937 Calling PushPenstyle of vdRender with LockPenStyle changes the selecting pen
     Bug : 60000938 Color property of vdGdiPenStyle returns Alpha value different than 255
     Bug : 60000939 Polylines Circles Ellipses Arcs with LineTypes do not render correctly
     Bug : 60000941 Display property of vdImage Object is not taking into consideration the transparency value
     Bug : 60000946 Disposing image definition objects of Document
     Bug : 60000947 Highlight of Selecting Figures throws an exception when penwidth is greater than 1 in Windo
     Bug : 60000950 DGN issues
     Bug : 60000951 Section clips are not working properly with opengllist render
     Bug : 60000959 Angular dimension is rounded wrong
     Bug : 60000961 Osnap Intersection with vdDimension is not working properly
     Bug : 60000969 SPlines in Wire2dGDIPlus mode are not shown properly
     Bug : 60000982 ESC does not return false in cmdMText command
     Bug : 60000983 Transparency with opengllist render is not working for AlignToView entities
     Bug : 60000984 VectorDraw.Serialize.Activator.GetAssemplyPath returns wrong path
     Bug : 60000985 Tab does not work well with CmdText and CmdMText
     Bug : 60000987 Osnap nearest is not working properly with 3D line segments
     Bug : 60001008 vdPolyline with SplineFlag other than Standard is throw exception when moving grip points
     Bug : 60001009 CmdMtext crash when finish action without typing text
     Bug : 60001010 Calling Form ShowDialog when a user action is active leaves traces of the dialog on the scr
     Bug : 60001015 Undo on layer freeze crashes
     Bug : 60001025 Incompatibility of Utility.JoinSelection method with version 5
     Bug : 60001027 Events of vdraw wrapper component, FireJobMouseDown, FireJobKeyDown, FireJobKeyPress of wra
     Bug : 60001029 cmdEditMText sets the vdMText to Invisible with ESC
     Bug : 60001032 Saving strings with newline character in DXF format
     Bug : 60001036 MText objects render the Carriage returns as squares
     Bug : 60001037 vdPolyline with Extrution Vector other than 0,0,1 returns wrong Area
     Bug : 60001038 Exporting big tif images into pdf file format
     Bug : 60001045 Osnap are not working properly with polyfaces
     Bug : 60001047 Material corrections in Render mode with vdPolyFace objects
     Bug : 60001054 MText with tabs issue
     Bug : 60001064 Corrections with calculation of intersect and Apparent Intersect osnaps
     Bug : 60001068 Incorrect Resizing of vdScrollableControl with BorderStyle Fixed3D or FixedSingle