All Articles for version [6018]

     Wish : 60001096 Open sat file format
     Bug : 60001141 DWG file cannot be opened
     Bug : 60001142 DXF Ole Objects are not converted properly
     Bug : 60001128 Some vdPolyhatch objects cannot be saved in DXF file
     Wish : 60000063 Method to merge two Polyfaces into one
     Wish : 60000792 A command to change the Current UCS by picking an entitity
     Wish : 60000932 Apply images over polyfaces
     Wish : 60001001 Ability to get to the the figure that is in OSnap
     Wish : 60001033 Mouse click to work with touch screen logic
     Wish : 60001058 Display a drawing with different x,y scale factor.
     Wish : 60001060 Upside-down the printing area
     Wish : 60001063 Support closest to cursor or eye nearest for signle entity select method
     Wish : 60001070 Support of DWG/DXF 2010 format
     Wish : 60001071 Ability to show non-exponential large coordinates in the ruler
     Wish : 60001075 Method to get the Active Grips Selection Set
     Wish : 60001083 cmdMTextEdit to have a max chars parameter
     Wish : 60001084 Explode method to return entities without add them into the document using the wrapper.
     Wish : 60001085 Redefinition of Inserting blocks to be applied in all reference blocks
     Wish : 60001087 Export Ruler properties in VDF Wrapper
     Wish : 60001091 Load Linetypes and HatchPatterns from a file
     Wish : 60001098 change DefaultPixelEquality and DefaultScaleEquality
     Wish : 60001102 Feature to cancel the GetBoundaryPolyFromPoint operation by a user pressed Key
     Wish : 60001104 Is it posible to define the DX/DY dispotion of the block used in HatchBlock
     Wish : 60001111 New property to define the origin point for hatch patterns of vdHatchProperties
     Wish : 60001114 New methods of vdPolyface to get and merge triangles.
     Wish : 60001115 New method to calculate the section of a gTriangles collection with a plane
     Wish : 60001125 In ActionPolyline when ActiveHatchProperties are not none then when the cursor looses focus
     Wish : 60001135 Improvement of importing DXF/DWG Hatch objects
     Wish : 60001139 A method to get the AcceptedStringValues for the active action
     Wish : 60001155 Transparency of vdPolyface that contains different colors
     Wish : 60001159 RenderToGraphics of vdLayout and RenderToDC of VdrawI5.vdDocument Improvements
     Wish : 60001161 Save compressed vdcl files with size bigger than 4GBytes
     Wish : 60001166 Embeded vdImageDef in same format with selected image filename
     Bug : 60001072 vdPolyface returns Nan area
     Bug : 60001073 Boolean Xproperty and custom figure crashes DGN save
     Bug : 60001077 Filled arreas exceed the perigram (outline)
     Bug : 60001078 Openning DWG DXF VDF VDI files drawing losses the Precision of point coordinates
     Bug : 60001079 Multi line tootips and attributes export issues
     Bug : 60001080 LineType is not drawn properly at the end when DrawMethod is LineTypeDrawMethod.Start
     Bug : 60001081 Avoiding circular loops whith blocks that references itself
     Bug : 60001086 Italic , Oblique property for vdText is not positioning the text correct
     Bug : 60001089 After reaching the maximum viewsize (zooming out) the VDF do not respond
     Bug : 60001090 Problem in the Printer Dialog, Select Printer and PrinterSetup method with 64 bit applicati
     Bug : 60001092 Rise OnBeforeModifyObject event before exception occurs when user tries to set a wrong prop
     Bug : 60001093 MText position problem
     Bug : 60001094 Exception when changing color in true color palette with very fast mouse move
     Bug : 60001097 Error printing drawings with very small strings
     Bug : 60001099 OnRemoveAllItems event of vdSelection is Fired when there no items in the collection
     Bug : 60001100 GripSelectionModified event of vdDocument is fired twice when remove all entities from the
     Bug : 60001101 getClosestPointTo is not working for polyline if SplineFlag is not standard
     Bug : 60001105 EntitySelectMode with EyeNearest mode is not working properly
     Bug : 60001106 HatchBlock is not render properly when Block origin is outside block boundary.
     Bug : 60001108 vdText insertion point issue with oblique
     Bug : 60001110 Problem in Wrapper's AddLineDefinition
     Bug : 60001112 vdDocument.GetGripSelection returns null if nothing is selected.
     Bug : 60001113 vdFigure.Update is called when vdLayout.Select3d method is execute
     Bug : 60001116 Memory issues when using Clone method of vdPrimary object
     Bug : 60001118 getOsnapPoints for vdPolyface with SelectingMode SolidBase is not working properly
     Bug : 60001119 ToString method of vdXproperty throws an exception
     Bug : 60001121 GripSelectionModified event of vdDocument is fired multi times
     Bug : 60001130 AlignToView size is not working as expected when using OpenGL lists
     Bug : 60001131 Elevetion is not working in Wrapper
     Bug : 60001133 When in ActionStart event I cancel the CmdMoveGripoints action an exception occurs
     Bug : 60001134 Hatch is lost after exploding the block with diff. x,y scales
     Bug : 60001136 GripPoint move problem.
     Bug : 60001137 Mouse icon problems under Delphi
     Bug : 60001149 Snap NEAREST do not work with vdInfinityLine in RAY
     Bug : 60001150 bHatch command doesn't create correct hatch when the extrusion vector is not 0,0,1
     Bug : 60001151 Array Rectangular and Polar are not relative to current User Coordinate System
     Bug : 60001152 MText edit problem when having extrusion vector other than 0,0,1
     Bug : 60001153 vdPrint Resolution property is not assigned properly
     Bug : 60001160 CmdRotate3d is not working properly using 2 point axis
     Bug : 60001162 CmdWriteBlock returns wrong value
     Bug : 60001165 Polyline returns wrong BoundingBox when extrution vector is other than 0,0,1