All Articles for version [6019]

     Bug : 60001148 Import / export vdText and vdAttrib in dxf file format issue
     Bug : 60001179 vdInsert objects with Extrution other than 0,0,1 are save properly in DWG/DXF file format
     Bug : 60001210 Converting DWG with OLEObjects (images) issue
     Bug : 60001258 Draw order of objects in DWG/DXF issue
     Bug : 60001262 DWG preview is not saved
     Bug : 60001264 Wrong FontFile when opening DXF/DWG TextStyle with TrueType Font
     Wish : 60001188 Open drawings from a Stream
     Bug : 60001251 The ExtLineDist1 and ExtLineDist2 in vdDimStyle are not saved correct
     Wish : 60001168 Faster Selection and grips Display
     Wish : 60001173 Abitily to hide some vdPrimaries (vdBlocks, vdHatchStyles, vdLayers) from the VDF dialogs
     Wish : 60001175 Polyface gradient coloring by elevation
     Wish : 60001177 frmPrinterManager dialog property to set the maximum width and height of paper
     Wish : 60001180 Method to get the centroid of a polygon
     Wish : 60001184 Reverse Tooltip display order on overlapped entities
     Wish : 60001187 Grid to be displayed as lines
     Wish : 60001197 ExplodeCustomObjectsOnSave property of the vdDocument to take effect also in DXF/DWG files.
     Wish : 60001200 Ability to set the CursorColor of vdScrollableControl ruler object to transparent when usin
     Wish : 60001205 I would like to change the string values at the status bar of the vdFramedControl
     Wish : 60001207 AlignToView and AlignToViewSize to be supported by a vdPoint object
     Wish : 60001216 Rendering of vdMappedImages over vdPolyFaces needs a lot of memory and time
     Wish : 60001217 Improvement of selecting using Select3d method of vdDocument or when Document EntitySelectM
     Wish : 60001220 Support Intersection between Lines of diferent Planes
     Wish : 60001226 Do not show the printing review dialog when printing in version 6
     Wish : 60001229 I would like an event to be raisen in Custom Objects of DXF files
     Wish : 60001232 Drawings that have xrefs that are not shown (unloaded)
     Wish : 60001245 Method to sort items of a collection
     Wish : 60001248 In the combobox, the graphic file name does not appear completely when the combobox is open
     Wish : 60001260 Add FillBackColor support in hatches defined as HatchBlock
     Bug : 60001167 Rendering Lights on Polyfaces with TransparentMethod CullFace are applied correct
     Bug : 60001170 The .from snap is not working as it should
     Bug : 60001178 Cursor problems
     Bug : 60001183 Purge is altering the hatch properties
     Bug : 60001186 Inserting vdBlocks from files using Blocks.AddFromFile does not merge tables
     Bug : 60001194 Export to image do not give the same bitmap as in screen
     Bug : 60001195 Hatches with HatchPattern "INVISIBLE" are not selectable
     Bug : 60001196 The text cursor is not visible in cmdText cmdMText until the first letter is pressed
     Bug : 60001198 vdPolyface color is not exported correctly into DXF/DWG files.
     Bug : 60001201 Cannot save the layout as jpg , pdf , svg
     Bug : 60001202 Error in the origin point of text in dgn
     Bug : 60001203 Cmd3DMesh is not working properly
     Bug : 60001209 LineType INVISIBLE is not drawn properly
     Bug : 60001211 Grips are not drawn properly when the size of control changed
     Bug : 60001214 Perspective mode issue with FarClippingPlane
     Bug : 60001218 Polyline fillet is not working in some occasions
     Bug : 60001222 cmdCircle issue with "2p" and passing gPoints
     Bug : 60001236 Color dialog drag-drop crashes
     Bug : 60001243 AlignToViewSize is not working properly with vdInsert object
     Bug : 60001244 Union and UnionEx issues
     Bug : 60001247 Disable oblect snaping inside hatches with block
     Bug : 60001252 LIN files are not imported properly
     Bug : 60001254 The /T switch in vdMText is not working as expected
     Bug : 60001256 The default grip select command does not finish after second click if the mouse is not move
     Bug : 60001257 vdMtext with tabs issue
     Bug : 60001259 Incorect text PDF export using PDFExportPropertiesFlags.DrawTextAsSelected
     Bug : 60001265 Document's BasePoint ignored from cmdXref command