All Articles for version [6020]

     Wish : 60001397 Opening dwg files are slower in version 6020
     Bug : 60000930 DXF Hatches with Outer or Ignore Hatch style are not open properly
     Bug : 60001329 Drawing with Table names that contain specific characters are not saved in DXF DWG format
     Bug : 60001332 DGN with Xrefs are not opened
     Bug : 60001336 Unused Image definition in DWG is lost after open
     Bug : 60001344 DWG drawing is not opened properly
     Bug : 60001350 mtext object is not rendered properly
     Bug : 60001351 DWG file do not open
     Bug : 60001355 Text Strings from DGN file are not converted properly
     Bug : 60001360 BasePoint of Document in DWG is lost
     Bug : 60001380 Insert does not have the correct color ByLayer in DXF format
     Bug : 60001384 DWG throws exception at vdMtext object
     Wish : 60001224 Ability to Hide some layouts even the Model to the layouts tab of the vdScrollable control
     Wish : 60001230 I would like to have mid point grips for the line segments of the polyline
     Wish : 60001278 Would it be possible to overwrite the vdPolyhatch object
     Wish : 60001283 CalculateContourLevels is not exported with IvdGroundSurface interface
     Wish : 60001286 Support of different LineType scale in Layouts
     Wish : 60001289 Associative hatches in ACAD with different layer or linetype to be imported as non-associat
     Wish : 60001291 New custom grid display style
     Wish : 60001298 Is it possible to maintain some values like distance or radious in cmdFilletRadious or cmdO
     Wish : 60001300 I wish the print dialog to have the ability the user to set number of copies
     Wish : 60001301 I wish the print dialog to be able to print all layouts
     Wish : 60001303 Can I use the VDF render area to display a command button
     Wish : 60001307 Opening large DWG file throws OutOfMemory exception
     Wish : 60001312 I wish the magnifier object would have a border and that I could modify the color and the s
     Wish : 60001313 Combine method to return bulges and not sample points , and also Union improvement
     Wish : 60001320 DoDragDrop issue with filled (hatched) objects
     Wish : 60001339 Possibility to prevent xrefs from being loaded during open operations
     Wish : 60001341 Is it possible to add the frmColor's title and R/G/B strings in vdres.txt
     Wish : 60001343 EnableMiddleGripForPolylines to be available in VDF Wrapper
     Wish : 60001349 Add to the vdFilterObject the ability to filter deleted objects or not
     Wish : 60001361 Recover Incomplete Saved Files
     Wish : 60001362 ClearEraseItems method of vdDocument takes more time the second time it is called
     Wish : 60001363 Is it possible to export a cmdScale command that will also scale to z direction
     Wish : 60001369 Viewport object to be drawn even if the owner Layout object is on Wire3d mode
     Wish : 60001370 When the mouse cursor is moving over the entities the diplay of the coordinates is delayed
     Wish : 60001371 ActionDrawFigure export to Wrapper ActiveX
     Wish : 60001374 Display Viewport osnaps even if Viewport do not have clipobj object
     Wish : 60001375 Is it possible to create a 3P circle/arc with cmdCircle/cmdArc in 3D space ?
     Wish : 60001379 Enable Serialization Deserialization of System Drawing Color type for a vdXproperty PropVa
     Wish : 60001382 Get Set printer properties using WIN32 DEVNAMES and DEVMODE structure for vdPrint object wi
     Wish : 60001389 MouseWheel and pan actions when in PerspectiveMod improved
     Bug : 60001267 Xproperties at standard tables are not saved in dwg format
     Bug : 60001269 Linetypes with SHX_TEXT or TTF_TEXT segments are not display properly
     Bug : 60001270 vdMText with LineSpacingFactor issue
     Bug : 60001272 Images exported in PDF in low resolution
     Bug : 60001273 Change to properties of vdHatchproperties and vdColor are undoable
     Bug : 60001274 CmdBox3D is not getting correct coordinates in User CS
     Bug : 60001275 BoundingBox of vdLeader object is not calculated properly
     Bug : 60001277 Printer CenterDrawingToPaper does not work as expected with inches
     Bug : 60001280 Too many points calculated for SPLines when inserted from file
     Bug : 60001290 Entities with very large coordinates are not drawn properly in 3d Render mode.
     Bug : 60001292 vdSelection.Select returns wrong results when override draw entity events in Wrapper ocx
     Bug : 60001296 vdPolyhatch object with Extrusion vector other than 0,0,1 is not opened correctly in vdf fo
     Bug : 60001304 Wrapper's Utility.GeomDivide didn't return last point
     Bug : 60001305 vdMtext is not shown correctly when opening DWG file
     Bug : 60001309 ZoomExtends on a viewport with FrozenList layers takes into consideration the invisible obj
     Bug : 60001311 Large image does not show in 32 bit machines
     Bug : 60001314 With OpenGL lists enabled when the geometry of a vdfigure changes then a regeall is require
     Bug : 60001315 Dimension in DXF does not have the correct color
     Bug : 60001316 vdText is not exported correctly in PDF when contains backslash
     Bug : 60001317 vdraw.ocx is not working properly inside Visual Studio .NET Form
     Bug : 60001319 Multi Page Printing using PrintOutPage of vdPrint object is thrown on error
     Bug : 60001321 vdProxyFigure does not show filled entities
     Bug : 60001323 IntersectWith returns points that return false in PoinOnCurve and vice versa
     Bug : 60001324 Rubber band polar track line issue
     Bug : 60001325 Objects in drawings with SectionClips dissapear on zoom
     Bug : 60001326 OSNAP indication is not updated properly
     Bug : 60001327 Extra space is added to multiline tooltip
     Bug : 60001328 Toolbars in Wrapper are not updated with pan or zoom when FreezeEntityEvents is 1
     Bug : 60001331 AreaCalculation bug with Inner trapezium
     Bug : 60001340 CmdSketch does not alter the OpenLoops count
     Bug : 60001342 Selection with EyeNearest doesn't return the expected result
     Bug : 60001345 Arrays with VdrawI5 objects are not working properly in commands like cmdTrim
     Bug : 60001352 cmdXref Bind is not proper in XREF
     Bug : 60001356 When inserting drawings with XRefs then these are not loaded
     Bug : 60001365 Trim command in 3D polylines with bulges is not working properly
     Bug : 60001366 DXF with chinese characters
     Bug : 60001367 CmdExtend does not work with curves in different plane than the World
     Bug : 60001372 Specific SHX is not rendered properly
     Bug : 60001383 Tolerance is not rendered properly
     Bug : 60001386 ViewPort is not selected with EyeNearest EntitySelectMode
     Bug : 60001391 vdText and vdAttrib with VdTextHorFit or VdTextHorAligned justification returns incorect ro
     Bug : 60001396 MappedImages are not saved properly into bitmap
     Bug : 60001399 OnActionMouseMove event of vdDocument error with vdraw.ocx wrapper component