All Articles for version [6023]

     Wish : 60001495 Support ACAD's 2010 DXF export/import with transparency
     Bug : 60001767 Hatches loose z value
     Bug : 60001770 DXF file is not showing Dimensions correctly
     Bug : 60001710 Drawing saved as DXF2000 cannot be opened
     Bug : 60001726 vdDimension is not updated properly when saved in DXF
     Bug : 60001751 DXF cannot be opened
     Wish : 60000996 Export a drawing into simple lines as 2D and removing Hidden lines
     Wish : 60001400 Support ON-OFF property for Viewport objects
     Wish : 60001446 Import vdSectionClip to DWG/DxF files
     Wish : 60001479 Display XRefs locked layers, vdFigure objects and with fade effect
     Wish : 60001528 User defined Table to store application specific user data
     Wish : 60001578 Ability to change the pan button with another button
     Wish : 60001617 Create associated hatches in different layers
     Wish : 60001635 Adjusting an image's contrast, gamma, brightness and color
     Wish : 60001642 Built-in PDF export capability with layers
     Wish : 60001657 RenderQuality does not effect line quality in 3d
     Wish : 60001659 Highlight hatches in 3D render modes
     Wish : 60001663 Export property IgnoreFrozenLayers of vdViewport object in Wrapper
     Wish : 60001668 Support AlignToView property for vdMtext object
     Wish : 60001669 New Property TransparencyMethod for vdFigure
     Wish : 60001673 Lines with big PenWidth and DPI-LineTypes are not displayed properly
     Wish : 60001682 Support multiple penwidths per vertex in 2D polylines
     Wish : 60001690 A method to remove triangles with area 0 from gTriangles collection
     Wish : 60001691 Is it possible to have the polyfaces wire frames transparent in Wire3D and ShadeOn modes ?
     Wish : 60001709 How can I use OsnapCrossPointsAddvalue and OsnapCrossPointsAddenum under VB6
     Wish : 60001711 Offset improvements
     Wish : 60001712 DisableShowPrinterPaper is ignored from MergeTables method
     Wish : 60001715 change the mathematic type for Chord type in SimplePolygonSegment.ToString area display
     Wish : 60001716 Object selection in perspective mode.
     Wish : 60001724 BoundingBox of vdImage object to be relative to ClipBoundary points
     Wish : 60001725 I would like a command to clip an Image
     Wish : 60001735 New enum type selector in the property list
     Wish : 60001738 Mouse cursor disappears after redraw
     Wish : 60001757 Is it possible to draw the CCS axis in specified size
     Wish : 60001761 GridMeasure steps with different line widths or different colors
     Wish : 60001769 quick rotated dimension in line and polyline
     General : 60001717 New Sample added Speedometer
     Bug : 60001660 CmdBreak CmdExtend CmdTrim and CmdFilletRadius issue with various UCS
     Bug : 60001662 CmdFilletRadius is not working properly with closed polylines
     Bug : 60001664 The cmdTrim command deletes the entity
     Bug : 60001665 The hardware margins are reported wrong in portait and landscape
     Bug : 60001666 cmdTrim is not working properly in some case with polylines that have nearzero bulge
     Bug : 60001670 Object is not shown in DXF file 2010
     Bug : 60001672 dimText and vdMText is a difference between H1X and H1x
     Bug : 60001674 mText is not displayed correctly regarding its aligment
     Bug : 60001675 dwg with empty layout name cannot be opened in vectordraw
     Bug : 60001676 ArcAlignedText is not opened correctly in dxf
     Bug : 60001677 Error while removing grouped object from selection
     Bug : 60001678 vdPolylines and vdPoints with LineWeight or PenWidth are not visible in small zoom
     Bug : 60001679 File when exported in DXF12 gets corrupted
     Bug : 60001680 Issue with Dimestyles form
     Bug : 60001683 The Close parameter is not working in SPline command for Quadratic and ControlPoints
     Bug : 60001684 Divide Measure and getPointAtParam of 3d vdPolyline is not working properly
     Bug : 60001688 While changing the palette to an embeded image the change is not applied
     Bug : 60001692 Linetype is not displayed properly
     Bug : 60001693 The DisableZoomOnResize property of vdDocument is ignored
     Bug : 60001695 Intersection3DTrianglePlane and Intersection3DSegmentPlane returns wrong result when points
     Bug : 60001713 Dimension rounding issue
     Bug : 60001719 CmdInsert displays the wrong scale during the command if a rotation was specified in parame
     Bug : 60001727 vdPoint with Point style dot are not visible in 3d render mode
     Bug : 60001728 SelectPalette(palette) is not working in WindowsXP systems
     Bug : 60001729 MirrorText is not working with vdMtext objects
     Bug : 60001733 MappedImages of polyfaces are not drawing correct
     Bug : 60001734 TestOffsetSide method is not working properly for closed vdPolyline
     Bug : 60001737 Palette Bitmaps do not change to the EditImage dialog
     Bug : 60001739 MoveGripPoints stops when polyline has bulge in the last vertex and multiple vertexes(grips
     Bug : 60001740 Interpolation of Point to a triangle returns wrong result
     Bug : 60001743 Unresposive application on grip move with snapping
     Bug : 60001744 Tangent object snap on ellipses
     Bug : 60001748 XProperty with type Single (float) is not opened properly
     Bug : 60001750 Vectors with near-zero length produce wrong results
     Bug : 60001754 DXF File cannot be opened
     Bug : 60001759 Layers that have VisibleOnForms=false are selectable in the object's properties
     Bug : 60001760 Linetype's DrawMethod = Center is not applied properly
     Bug : 60001768 GetPolygonsAreas of vdPolyline does not return correct segment result