All Articles for version [6025]

     Wish : 60001883 Support FillBKColor of vdHatch object in DWG DXF
     Wish : 60001902 Support of DWG2013 format
     Bug : 60001895 Oblique angle of text is not read properly
     Bug : 60001903 DGN that comes from acad doesn't have the correct solid linetype
     Bug : 60001926 DWG with proxy object does not open
     Bug : 60001927 Exploded DXF proxy objects get wrong layer
     Bug : 60001934 Hatchproperties fillBkColor black when DWG documents is loaded.
     Bug : 60001941 Block with AttributeDefinisions are not saved properly in DXF DWG format
     Bug : 60001945 TextStyles with TrueType Fonts are not read properly from DXF and DWG file formats
     Bug : 60001949 vdXProperties are not exported properly to .DGN file format
     Wish : 60001899 New SkyImage SkyFront SkyTwist and SkyImageType properties added to vdRay
     Bug : 60001930 Diameter symbol is not saved properly
     Wish : 60001812 Get area 3d visibility for solid surfaces from a specific view
     Wish : 60001823 Is it possible to support Multilines and Multiline styles in VectorDraw
     Wish : 60001894 I would like to have a visual command to Add SectionClips
     Wish : 60001897 Ability to filter points tha user inputs with the mouse on active commands
     Wish : 60001900 New Properties to handle offset in Section Clips
     Wish : 60001904 Export cmdScale(object SelSet, object BasePoint, object ScaleFactor, object ScaleZDirection
     Wish : 60001907 frmPenAsigment to be also in inches
     Wish : 60001910 Pan action in perspective mode to be implemented more appropriately and be independent of V
     Wish : 60001911 Zoom extents to show all entities when in perspective mode
     Wish : 60001916 Auto fix of Transpancy object drawing order in 3d rendering
     Wish : 60001918 I would like returned segments of method GetModel2dProjection to know from which entity the
     Wish : 60001923 Edge visibility inconsistency
     Wish : 60001924 Export GetTriangles and MergeTriangles methods in Wrapper
     Wish : 60001925 Ability to set LineWeight to the lines of the hatch pattern
     Wish : 60001928 Add state on or off to osnap buttons in vdfCAD sample
     Wish : 60001931 The perpendicular osnap point connecting a point and an ellipse is not actually perpendicul
     Wish : 60001932 I would like the cmdCutPolyface command to not leave so many visible lines in wire 2D
     Wish : 60001943 Support overline and underline in vdText objects
     Wish : 60001947 cmdDivide command added
     Wish : 60001954 Export cmdOffsetEx in Wrapper Component
     Wish : 60001955 AlignToViewSize to apply a more flexible size
     Wish : 60001960 OrthoMode to work also with Z direction
     General : 60001920 vdScreenBlock sample
     General : 60001929 TTF font is not properly export in PDF
     General : 60001939 Entity in locked layer returns NEAREST OSnap
     Bug : 60001890 Entities in layer 0 and inside block do not take their color correctly
     Bug : 60001891 Polyface does not take correct facelist color while opening dxf file
     Bug : 60001892 SPlines are not exported properly in DXF format
     Bug : 60001893 Solid2dFillTransparency doesn't work when pencolor is ByLayer or ByBlock
     Bug : 60001896 T1.0 escape format character in vdMtext issue
     Bug : 60001901 VdPolyface loses alphablending when saved as DWG.
     Bug : 60001912 Document with entities containing large coordinations is presented distorted when in perspe
     Bug : 60001914 vdUtility GetOsnapPoint crashes when EXTENSION osnap is active
     Bug : 60001915 Decimal precision set to a negative value crashes the open
     Bug : 60001917 Globals.getLineZatXY returns incorect results
     Bug : 60001919 vdPolyface crashes on draw when in facelist the color changes to -1
     Bug : 60001921 BasePoint issue of vdDocument
     Bug : 60001922 Cannot save a drawing with a big horizontal line in BMP
     Bug : 60001933 Image hatchproperties do not show correctly in VdFillModeImage mode.
     Bug : 60001937 Problem with undo while creating a line with the cmdLine command.
     Bug : 60001942 vdLayout GetInnerEntitiesListFromPoint returns incorect results in very small zoom
     Bug : 60001944 Linetype scales are not correct in 3D Modes
     Bug : 60001953 Block with name in polish does not load correctly in DXF format
     Bug : 60001956 Memory issues with vdfCad
     Bug : 60001957 Exception is raised when I cancel directly the ActionGetRectFromPointSelectDCS on ActionSta
     Bug : 60001961 vdInsert with polyfaces or 3dfaces changes color when mirrored