All Articles for version [6026]

     Bug : 60001972 Polyface is not exported properly in DWG file
     Bug : 60002027 Error opening specific DGN file
     Bug : 60002016 DXF file cannot be inserted as block
     Wish : 60001969 I would like to be able to define the control keys of the getUserWalkThrough Action
     Wish : 60001971 Optimization of the GetVisibleArea() method in order for it to execute correctly while pass
     Wish : 60001981 Default Transparency of png images to be supported in 3Drender
     Wish : 60001985 cmdDivideToCurves command
     Wish : 60000736 Revision Cloud command
     Wish : 60001457 Implement grips for the grouped objects
     Wish : 60001496 Add the On OFF layer property
     Wish : 60001538 Grouping objects by layer when exporting to SVG
     Wish : 60001600 Tooltip on SVG
     Wish : 60001732 Ability to load commands menu and resources from stream
     Wish : 60001736 Is it possible to have mid-grip point for vdLine objects
     Wish : 60001859 Support of Lock Position in vdAttrib object
     Wish : 60001940 Cross Symbol in the polyline's vertex when editing it from the dialog
     Wish : 60001959 Property to control SelectionPreview color
     Wish : 60001964 I wish that temporary osnaps are always shown no matter which osnap is being displayed
     Wish : 60001965 A method to Synchronize Attributes of blocks and inserts
     Wish : 60001987 Globaliazation of object names in properties list
     Wish : 60001992 A method to show or hide a tooltip
     Wish : 60001994 Dynamic 3d rotation in PersectiveMode
     Wish : 60001995 Default mousewheel zoom action with perspectivemode
     Wish : 60001998 Hide cross lines while entity selection mode is enabled in actions
     Wish : 60002002 I would like a method to calculate if a point is inside a closed polyface
     Wish : 60002004 Get Set properties or call methods of objects that are not implement in ActiveX warapper co
     Wish : 60002007 I would like a command to add Thickness to curves
     Wish : 60002008 I would like a command to select and hide the edges and faces of the polyface
     Wish : 60002014 ZoomToObject and ZoomToSelection commands added
     Wish : 60002018 User to be able to export PDF files using the frmLayoutPrintManager form
     Wish : 60002022 I wish entities will be updated automatically when changes are being made to the layer dial
     Wish : 60002025 We would like to be able to detect when a user is pressing a mouse button over the vdScreen
     Wish : 60002029 Remove vertex button at the vertexes dialog
     Wish : 60002035 Arrow in angular dimensions does not have correct rotation
     Wish : 60002037 Nearest OSnap points for SPline objects
     Wish : 60002042 I want to calculate a boundary polyline around a point taking into consideration vdCurves i
     Wish : 60002047 Unable to control rotation center using the 3D-Rotate action
     Wish : 60002048 cmdRotate to accept reference angle
     Bug : 60001968 Command MultiLine doesn't alter the Multiline Style
     Bug : 60001979 vd3dface is rendering with wrong normal in 3d
     Bug : 60001982 Transparent polyfaces in Viewports are not render as in Model
     Bug : 60001983 Priority while displaying Osnaps
     Bug : 60001984 Break command with one point
     Bug : 60001966 mText bounding box update issue
     Bug : 60001988 FilterActionPoint is not working when osnap is on
     Bug : 60001989 DXF import is not correct
     Bug : 60001990 Negative values of AlignToViewSize are not saved
     Bug : 60001991 DXF cannot be opened
     Bug : 60001993 Ignore the O and U in vdMText objects
     Bug : 60002000 Lines after Pan command action get distorted and have missing segments
     Bug : 60002001 ZoomExtents is not working properly when world to view matrix is twist rotated
     Bug : 60002003 Contours of GroundSurface are not drawing properly
     Bug : 60002005 BlockReferences with transparency in entities are not selected with opengl lists enabled
     Bug : 60002011 FillBkColor issue in DWG files
     Bug : 60002012 The GetModel2DProjection ignores some lines
     Bug : 60002015 CmdImage does not honour the World2UserMatrix
     Bug : 60002019 cmdMText issue with ActivePenColor
     Bug : 60002020 some characters of isocp shx are not displayed correctly
     Bug : 60002026 Issue when snapping NEA Osnap to a vdPolyhatch arc curve
     Bug : 60002031 cmdCut operation issue with edge on top of the polyface
     Bug : 60002032 On Off layer property does not work well
     Bug : 60002033 Memory leak caused by Update when having texture mapped polyface
     Bug : 60002036 StackOverflow error to the ToPolylines method of vdPolyface object
     Bug : 60002038 Selecting Keys to the properties grid is not correct
     Bug : 60002039 Issue with binary dxf file
     Bug : 60002043 Cut method of vdPolyface is not working correctly when the UCS of the drawing is not 001
     Bug : 60002044 cmdExtend does not work properly with lines with thickness
     Bug : 60002045 PolyHatch created using a polyline apperas with wrong Bulge