All Articles for version [6027]

     Wish : 60002102 I need to draw simple objects rectangles circles etc fast in the web library
     Wish : 60002107 I need to change the order of entities inside the vdWeb Library
     Wish : 60002108 Is there a way to have the web control initialize in white
     Bug : 60002093 Drawing crashes webControl and does not draw any figure
     Bug : 60002095 vdWeb library does not work properly on IOS7
     Wish : 60002050 Enable Muti-thread open for dwg files
     Bug : 60002063 DWG file cannot be saved as DWG
     Bug : 60002067 Leader objects are not rendered properly
     Bug : 60002073 BODY objects are not read properly
     Bug : 60002087 EdgeVisibility of 3Dface is not esported properly in DWG and DXF
     Bug : 60002139 Xproperties are not ready properly from DWG files
     Wish : 60002082 Support on DXF DWG current UCS Origin xdir and ydir while importing a file
     Bug : 60002081 Multileader objects are not displayed properly
     Bug : 60002115 A DXF file created by vdraw has the LensAngle property set to 179 degrees
     Wish : 60001561 Add chamfer in polyline
     Wish : 60000360 Implement a method that will show a SearchText dialog
     Wish : 60002006 Calculation of the Volume and CenterOfVolume of a vdPolyface
     Wish : 60002053 New FilterSelect method to be applied also in extarnal references
     Wish : 60002058 Is it possible to sort the layers shown in property list by their name
     Wish : 60002064 Zoom actions in Perspective
     Wish : 60002065 Command to rotate the vdViewport
     Wish : 60002075 A global property to disable Ortho mode on Z axis
     Wish : 60002097 Cursor in selecting to have also the cross axis
     Wish : 60002112 Ability of SelectionPreview to choose between all selected passed entities
     Bug : 60002051 vdText or vdMtext when selected by commands (like cmdCopy) is not highlighted properly
     Bug : 60002054 img.ClipBoundary = null is not written in undo
     Bug : 60002055 Selection 3d of identical entities
     Bug : 60002056 When opening a drawing with section clip that has an origin point with very large coordinat
     Bug : 60002060 Cannot read correctly polish characters while opening dxf file
     Bug : 60002062 Off Layers can be selected
     Bug : 60002066 Issue when moving a vdViewport with reference curve
     Bug : 60002069 Ability to have holes into coverfaces of section clipping
     Bug : 60002076 Polyhatch with hatchpattern inside insert with small scale is drawn solid
     Bug : 60002077 Volume is not calculated correctly with selfIntersect polyface
     Bug : 60002078 Fillet command between two lines does not work when the two lines have almost the same endp
     Bug : 60002079 Layer names in PDF are not saved properly
     Bug : 60002080 Error in MultilineStyles dialog when trying to type a negative double value at the offset
     Bug : 60002083 cmdPolyline does not work properly if active layer is locked
     Bug : 60002084 Osnaps issues when are far away from screen
     Bug : 60002086 Generate3dPathSection with 3d polyline path is not working properly
     Bug : 60002091 SelectionPreview highlight in loop
     Bug : 60002092 Viewport with transparent bk color in 3D issues
     Bug : 60002094 cmdPolyline does not work well when radious and angle has been used
     Bug : 60002096 Error while exporting to DXF when polyhatch has lines and extrusionvector
     Bug : 60002099 GetBoundaryPolyFromPoint issues in specific cases
     Bug : 60002100 InvalidOperationException in getHdc
     Bug : 60002103 Binary DXF file cannot be opened
     Bug : 60002106 DGN layer visibility
     Bug : 60002109 Issue with Slice and coverfaces with a polyface having a hole
     Bug : 60002110 SelectionPreview issue
     Bug : 60002111 Osnap issue
     Bug : 60002113 Viewport with ViewMaximized true are not render properly
     Bug : 60002114 GlobalRenderProperties EdgePenWidth is not working properly for small values
     Bug : 60002136 XRef FrozenLayerList issue when XRef is not loaded and layer 0 is frozen