All Articles for version [7002]

     Wish : 70000162 Methods to add more vdraw primitives
     Wish : 70000126 New AddImage method in javascript library
     General : 70000138 An override dimstyle is created when drawing is exported to DWG
     Bug : 70000107 Texts in DGN files do not have the correct height
     Bug : 70000108 Diameter dimension is not saved properly in DWG
     Bug : 70000116 Text export to DWF issue
     Bug : 70000123 DGN shape objects are imported as 3dFaces instead of vdPolylines
     Bug : 70000143 DGN file cannot be opened
     Wish : 70000148 Ruler to be relative with Active Viewport
     Wish : 70000149 Support polyface and groundsurface gradient colors with opengl render
     Wish : 70000152 I would like to click while creating or editing an Mtext and the cursor to move accordinly
     Wish : 70000153 Transparent color property of ImageDef does not work when exporting to pdf
     Wish : 70000158 Selection issue
     Wish : 70000160 SelectionPreview with hidden solid regions
     Wish : 70000051 Support import and export of STL files
     Wish : 70000053 Support of multi page tiff images
     Wish : 70000073 Multi view Layout
     Wish : 70000090 AlignToView object inside vdInsert is not rendered properly
     Wish : 70000099 I would like to have a Slice method that also returns the rejected faces
     Wish : 70000103 Change and restore RenderMode Between vdRender StartDraw and EndDraw
     Wish : 70000113 I would like to be able to restrict rotate 3D on the top of the drawing
     Wish : 70000120 New icon set in vdfCad and SimpleCad
     Wish : 70000124 WalkThrough in version 7 displays a significant delay
     Wish : 70000125 I would like OnFigureMouseOver to also handle DoubleClick
     Wish : 70000133 Faster drawing viewports on 3d rendering modes
     Wish : 70000142 Inserts to not follow WorldToView matrix changes
     Wish : 70000165 vdLight objects not to apply on vdImage objects
     Wish : 70000167 Some paragraph formating options in vdMtext are not supported
     Wish : 70000171 Transparency sorting to work inside block entities
     Wish : 70000180 DrawImage method of vdrawI5 vdRender of vdraw ocx to support icons
     General : 70000145 LineWeights exported to DGN
     General : 70000092 ClipCopy and ClipPaste of vdText objects issue
     General : 70000131 Two new VectorDraw samples
     Bug : 70000144 FadeEffect is not working well when the color is foreground
     Bug : 70000147 2D viewports saved as bitmap when export to pdf
     Bug : 70000154 EdgeColor issue in Hide mode
     Bug : 70000155 vdDimDefault block is displayed with wrong penwidth
     Bug : 70000157 Image cannot be embeded when is from stream
     Bug : 70000159 API hatch issue
     Bug : 70000161 Not to HighLight entities with grips on Perspective view
     Bug : 70000086 Invalidate of highlight is wrong when in perspective
     Bug : 70000087 When user action is active does not throw IMessageFilter.PreFilterMessage added by Applicat
     Bug : 70000089 SortedTransparentLists is not working properly for Transparency of objects in deferent view
     Bug : 70000091 DWF export contains objects with thick LineWeight
     Bug : 70000093 Exception with endpoint osnap in polyface with SolidBase selecting mode
     Bug : 70000094 The axis icon is not filled properly with OpenGL 3d modes
     Bug : 70000095 Polyhatch is not drawn correctly when EdgeColor and EdgeWidth properties are present
     Bug : 70000096 CommandAction Cancel() method clears the grip selection set
     Bug : 70000097 Printer fails to set the print window to the document's extents
     Bug : 70000098 Draw of sectionclip cover faces is not working properly
     Bug : 70000102 Middle Grip of vdPolyline move issue
     Bug : 70000104 Lines with PenCapsSquare true are not rendered properly
     Bug : 70000105 vdPolyFace and Ground Surface with mapped image issue
     Bug : 70000106 Object Snap issue when nearest osnap is active
     Bug : 70000109 Complex Textures are not mapped properly when OpenGL render is active
     Bug : 70000111 vdMtext object is not rendered properly
     Bug : 70000112 Some Hatches are not drawn properly
     Bug : 70000118 Invalidate method fires an OnFigureMouseOver with MouseLeave MouseAction
     Bug : 70000119 Minimize VectorDraw owner control window re-initialize OpenGL Context
     Bug : 70000122 SectionClipCoverFacesColor is not applied properly
     Bug : 70000127 vdRender ClipPixelLineDraw is not working
     Bug : 70000129 property StretchText is not working properly
     Bug : 70000130 The AddAttribute dialog returns incorrect rotation for the vdAtrribDef
     Bug : 70000134 Selection problem with selecting mode CrossingWindowPolygon
     Bug : 70000137 DXF has an issue when exporting unicode chars in table names
     Bug : 70000139 Huge images 540Mpixels crashes the draw
     Bug : 70000164 SortedTransparentList for specific object geomety in diferent views is not working proper
     Bug : 70000168 Solid Gradient shows wrong colors
     Bug : 70000169 OpenGL sharing is not working with specific graphic cards
     Bug : 70000170 Viewport is not updated with active layout invalidate rectangle
     Bug : 70000173 Viewport in OFF layer is hidden
     Bug : 70000177 vdInfinityLine with linetype needs more time to render
     Bug : 70000178 Continuous linetype is exported as dshed in DGN files