All Articles for version [7003]

     Wish : 70000070 New actions move, scale, rotate added in web library
     Wish : 60002161 External References in web library
     Wish : 70000290 Right click context menu of browser disabled
     Wish : 70000283 I would like to have the VDI format in FileConverter 4
     Bug : 70000191 SPLine Fitting with douplicate end vertex cannot be exported to DWG
     Bug : 70000225 Custom objects in DWG are not displayed properly
     Bug : 70000233 Dimensions imported from AutoCad and then exported to DWG are not saved correctly
     Bug : 70000234 vdi files are not open inside x64 framework 4 applications on Windows 8.x OS
     Bug : 70000242 Aligment point while saving DXF is not correct when Ver or Hor Justify is used
     Bug : 70000305 Drawing not being exported to SKP
     Bug : 70000354 When saving DWG file the order of entities is changed
     Bug : 70000195 Dimension TextMovement property is not imported properly
     Bug : 70000286 Text saved in DGN and opened with VDF has wrong text width
     Wish : 70000166 I would like to have anti-aliasing effect in lines with penwidth
     Wish : 70000187 I would like some changes to the frmEditPointsDialog
     Wish : 70000192 A new 3D command Push Pull
     Wish : 70000194 Improvemend of Thickness Action
     Wish : 70000196 I would like SelfIntersect of Vertexes to return the intersection points
     Wish : 70000200 The PAPER button to be disabled in model
     Wish : 70000201 I would like to use the VectorDraw combos to select objects without interfering with the Do
     Wish : 70000204 Osnap EndPoint and Nearest exclusion when they are not visible in 3D
     Wish : 70000206 Cursor Visibility over same color areas
     Wish : 70000231 Support of Wipeout object of ACAD
     Wish : 70000238 Mouse elevation property
     Wish : 70000244 vdViewport not to apply model sections
     Wish : 70000245 Definition of a render that draws a selection preview of a Figure
     Wish : 70000249 A method to Check SectionClip visibility of a point inside a vdRender
     Wish : 70000251 Control of vdImage Interpolation method
     Wish : 70000252 Visual and usage improvement of all vectordraw dialogs
     Wish : 70000256 Faster vdXProperties FindName method
     Wish : 70000257 Faster ShadeOn with OpenGL rendering
     Wish : 70000258 better aligntoview implementation that keep opengl lists and is faster
     Wish : 70000263 Not hightlighting the entity on locked layer but show tooltip
     Wish : 70000268 LockPenStyle to be able to be affected when called between ListStart ListEnd
     Wish : 70000269 Option to draw a vdFigure as wire lines in all 3d render modes.
     Wish : 70000272 New frmPickColorDialog form added in vectordraw
     Wish : 70000274 ToMesh method to apply HatchProperties Material to returned Polyface
     Wish : 70000278 Crop a vdImage into a new Bitmap
     Wish : 70000281 vdFigure Update method that owns to a vdBlock does to update also the vdBlock References
     Wish : 70000284 Print to file capability in frmPrintManager dialog
     Wish : 70000289 Iterate through the highlighted items with TAB key
     Wish : 70000296 OpenGL Coordinate Corection to be applied always
     Wish : 70000315 vdImage that have not a valid reference bitmap not to displayed
     Wish : 70000316 Polyline Hatchproperties with HatchMode AutoNormal to work for all FillModes
     Wish : 70000324 I would like to wait for all entities to be filtered before vieweing the Highlighted one
     Wish : 70000341 Faster Mtext drawing
     Wish : 70000355 Ability to reverse the object order in vdSelection
     Bug : 70000181 DXF file has incorrect font
     Bug : 70000183 RenderToGraphics of vdLayout does not uses the selected render quality setings
     Bug : 70000184 Hatched enties do not calculate boundingbox
     Bug : 70000185 Grid is not drawn properly
     Bug : 70000189 PenCapsSquare is not working properly
     Bug : 70000190 SectionClipCoverFaces does not work for polyfaces inside blocks
     Bug : 70000193 Polyline to Mesh method issue
     Bug : 70000202 Entities with very large coordinates are not drawn properly in 3d Render mode.
     Bug : 70000203 PenColor.MaterialImage is not working on vdInsert import from file
     Bug : 70000207 Osnap points over solid fill entities are incorect
     Bug : 70000210 vdImage is not highlighted when SelectionPreview is ON
     Bug : 70000214 Transparency for solid polygons leaves artifacts on screen
     Bug : 70000215 When VisibleOnForms is true for Model it still shows in frmLayoutPrintManager
     Bug : 70000217 Curves with linetype INVISIBLE are not rendered properly
     Bug : 70000220 Filled areas in PDF export display some lines
     Bug : 70000221 Activating paper or viewport using the MODEL-PAPER button doesn't fire the OnBeforeModifyOb
     Bug : 70000226 When in perspective if the user rotates or pans and clicks on an entity before redraw is co
     Bug : 70000228 Unable to select text
     Bug : 70000229 SHX issue with character and big font file
     Bug : 70000232 Radial and Diameter dimensions are not opening correctly in dxf
     Bug : 70000237 MouseWheel zoom is not working properly on no active viewports
     Bug : 70000240 Arithmetic underflow Exception on delphi
     Bug : 70000241 EmbedImage does not dispose previous selected image
     Bug : 70000246 AlignToView items do not use edgecolor with opengl render modes
     Bug : 70000250 Scaling of vdDimension fails in some rare occasions
     Bug : 70000254 Section Clips are not applied inside OnDrawAfter event of vdDocument
     Bug : 70000255 FadeEffect property does not work properly for inserts with same block
     Bug : 70000259 SectionClipCoverFaces are not working properly with different viewport rendering contextes
     Bug : 70000260 cmdScale scale Z prompt stays after the command is finished
     Bug : 70000264 RenderSelect does not fire Draw and DrawAfter events
     Bug : 70000265 AlignToViewSize in Perspective mode is incorect
     Bug : 70000266 Osnaps do not work for vdLine over hatched vdPolyline
     Bug : 70000267 Image is displaced by one pixel in version7
     Bug : 70000273 Polyface osnap points are not displayed
     Bug : 70000275 Object is not visible in some views in HIDE mode
     Bug : 70000276 ZoomAll gives strange results
     Bug : 70000277 Transparency of vdImageDef does not work properly
     Bug : 70000279 DisableZoomOnResize true issue with minimizing window
     Bug : 70000280 Viewport is not printed
     Bug : 70000282 vdCommandAction CmdAddSectionClip method when a vdViewport is Active
     Bug : 70000287 Print dialog is not displayed when there are no installed printers
     Bug : 70000295 section Clip Cover Faces to support transparency and keep polyface color
     Bug : 70000298 Printout does not uses the printer Resolution
     Bug : 70000307 SKP open does not set correct lunits
     Bug : 70000309 While selecting multiple entities it is not correct to have enabled preview highlight and o
     Bug : 70000310 Solid fills are not displayed in wire3d mode with opengl render
     Bug : 70000311 vdDXF fails when exporting DGN file to DXF
     Bug : 70000312 Print out of a Layout with viewports is incorrect
     Bug : 70000314 The Layout Background color is not updated properly
     Bug : 70000317 Polyhatch.Count in wrapper returns wrong results
     Bug : 70000319 Text is not colored properly in OpenGL render
     Bug : 70000321 AlignToViewSize for vdInsert is not working properly whith Extrusion vector other than 0 0
     Bug : 70000322 Lines and texts behind faces are visible in hidden mode
     Bug : 70000323 VdCurves with PenWidth do not show highlight when selected
     Bug : 70000325 images are not drawn if render LockPenStyle is not null
     Bug : 70000326 When inserting and removing multiple layouts the printer creates a memory leak
     Bug : 70000327 Solid fill hatches does not apply alpha blend with shadeon render mode
     Bug : 70000330 VdCurve with thickness and smooth angle is displayed with dark colors
     Bug : 70000340 Text with opengl render are not drawn or print on the right position
     Bug : 70000342 Line Weights,Hatch patterns and Line Types that dependent on render dpi are not printed co
     Bug : 70000343 Entities of vdLayoutSplit have null Document
     Bug : 70000345 Elements with Foreground color are not display correct in different background
     Bug : 70000346 vdDocument OsnapModeVisibilty is not working properly
     Bug : 70000347 ActionObject property of vdRender is not supported in version 7
     Bug : 70000348 Offset of vdRect object is calculated wrong
     Bug : 70000349 BHatch preview is not rendered properly
     Bug : 70000350 VdImage with clip does not show bitmap with opengl render
     Bug : 70000351 ExternalReferences and Garbage Collector issue
     Bug : 70000353 Bitmap of clipped vdImage is inverted when rendered with vdRay