All Articles for version [7005]


Wish : 70000466 I would like to have walkthough capabilities in the web library
Wish : 70000525 We would like to be able to add Xproperties using the vdWeb library
Bug : 70000512 Images with clipBoundary fill the entire clip area


Wish : 70000476 Memory improvement while opening dwg files
Bug : 70000482 Table object is not converted properly as MTexts loose the textstyle
Bug : 70000493 DWG is not imported properly
Bug : 70000498 DWG with layer groups is not imported properly
Bug : 70000502 Handle issues when converting to DWG
Bug : 70000511 DGN does not show text objects


Bug : 70000473 Attribute definitions are not imported properly from DXF
Bug : 70000524 Objects missing after open


Wish : 70000480 Import and Export true color RGB for DGN
Bug : 70000488 Saving Entities with big amount of Xproperties in dgn thrown an exception


Wish : 60000543 Diameter and Radial dimensions to look like attached image
Wish : 60000816 Ground surface with a large range of points takes too long to be drawn
Wish : 60001282 I would like VectorDraw to add groups of layers and also layer filters in the layer manager
Wish : 70000005 Displacement in extension while in move object or grip
Wish : 70000439 Support print or not property of layer
Wish : 70000452 Ability to keep the column widths of the grid in layers form and size and position of the f
Wish : 70000467 Abilitty to save FilletRadius property in VDML and DXF files
Wish : 70000468 Ability to clipcopy clipcut objects with user specified BasePoint
Wish : 70000504 Antialiasing does not work with OpenGL
Wish : 70000508 CurveResolution to be saved with document
Wish : 70000509 Set vdLayer Deleted property true is slow for a large number of vdLayers
Wish : 70000515 The backspace button in cmdMText command does not move the cursor to the previous line of t
Wish : 70000523 HighLight in Wire2DGdiPlus mode to be like in Wire2D mode
Wish : 70000518 Export ImageDrawFlag to the VDF Wrapper
Bug : 70000462 Emf is not imported correctly
Bug : 70000463 I would like a way to determine custom objects in dwg files
Bug : 70000464 Text is HighLighted with wrong pen width
Bug : 70000465 GetEntityFromPoint returns wrong result
Bug : 70000469 vdPolyline GetBoundaryPolyFromPoint takes too long for calcualtions
Bug : 70000470 vdProControl cannot be added in a new project
Bug : 70000472 frmEditPointsDialog crashes when altering vdPolyface or vd3DFace points
Bug : 70000474 Intersect OSnap issues with custom objects
Bug : 70000478 GetGripSelection throws exception when called in BaseControl ActionEnd event
Bug : 70000481 Neighbor tiled images are not rendered joined properly
Bug : 70000483 SelectionPreview of vdImage is wrong with SelectionPreview USE_XOR
Bug : 70000485 CmdStretch does not update VDRAW_Previous_SelSet
Bug : 70000486 IME Character is typed twice in text commands
Bug : 70000487 Snaping grips are not shown when Magnifier is enabled
Bug : 70000489 DXF is not exported properly when having invalid characters in layer name
Bug : 70000490 MoveGripPoints of rotated Mtext are not working properly
Bug : 70000491 Xclip of vdInsert does not work properly for certain drawings
Bug : 70000494 vdml file cannot be exported to dxf
Bug : 70000495 getBoundaryPoly and getBoundayPolyFromPoint improvements
Bug : 70000496 MousePointer and MouseIcon method of vdraw wrapper does not update the cursor
Bug : 70000497 Dimension length is not formated properly
Bug : 70000500 ShowHatches property change its value during getBoundaryPoly method
Bug : 70000505 Polyline is not rendered properly when PenCapsSquare is True
Bug : 70000506 FillMode with vdFillModeImage is not rendered properly
Bug : 70000507 vdMText takes into consideration TextBox in BoundingBox
Bug : 70000510 Drawing with lines shows wrong linetypes when exported to PDF
Bug : 70000513 Hatch is shown incorrectly in Wire2D
Bug : 70000516 Diameter dimension shows mirrored text when circle is created clowise
Bug : 70000517 Application does not exit even when main form is closed in VB Net
Bug : 70000519 OnFilterFigure event does not fire with window select
Bug : 70000521 ProxyProperties are not copied if Clone command is used
Bug : 70000522 cmdMove problem with dimensions that have reference object
Bug : 70000527 Layers that have ONLY deleted items on them cannot be deleted