All Articles for version [7006]


Wish : 70000530 I would like to be able to get all the entities of a specific layer
Wish : 70000591 I would like to import big images in the library without losing in quality
Wish : 70000531 I would like to be able to add a block when using the web library through code or through a
Bug : 70000535 Web library does not work in Internet Explorer 9 due to lack of support for Uint8Array


Bug : 70000533 DGN file layer names are not proper
Bug : 70000566 Display property of vdImage is not exported properly in DWG


Bug : 70000599 DGN File cannot be imported properly as vdBlock


Wish : 60001189 Helix command
Wish : 70000420 Register vdml and vdcl file preview ShellExtension on windows explorer
Wish : 70000503 Hide extra rubber line when polar track is active
Wish : 70000520 Hardware margins to be rendered with solid line in Preview
Wish : 70000549 A method to get all references objects of a vdLayer that belongs to a specific vdLayout
Wish : 70000552 Option for faster text selection
Wish : 70000553 I would like to set different arrows to either dimension sides
Wish : 70000557 Solid hatch is not displayed property
Wish : 70000548 Major PDF export improvements
Wish : 70000550 Improve PrintOut speed and size
Wish : 70000554 Improve opengl rendering speed
Wish : 70000567 polyline overlay over the emf
Wish : 70000570 Export CmdCurvePushPull command in Wrapper
Wish : 70000574 Faster redraw of curves with INVISIBLE hatch pattern
Wish : 70000576 Selecting speed improvement
Wish : 70000577 Faster Draw grips
Wish : 70000580 Change the default value of GripMoveInVisibleTypes
Wish : 70000581 Improve frame refresh speed when panning
Wish : 70000582 Some Blocks are not imported with their names from Dgn Files
Wish : 70000593 Cannot rename a layer to same name but with other case letters
Wish : 70000597 Generate3dPathSection to work with vdPolyHatch
Wish : 70000602 I would like a way to determine if Texts are being drawn with GDI api or like vectors
Wish : 70000603 GetOsnapPoints is too slow with osnap Intersect
Wish : 70000607 Support for 64bit vdraw.ocx ActiveX
Wish : 70000614 Green rotation circle appear when Dynamic 3d rotation action is activated
Wish : 70000615 MultiViewports export in VDF Wrapper component
Wish : 70000619 Slow rendering of True Type Fonts
Wish : 70000590 Exporting layout including viewports to a new drawing
Bug : 70000534 Offset issue with vdPolyline with 3 vertexes
Bug : 70000536 CmdCircleDiameter() throws exception when first parameter is gPoint
Bug : 70000539 frmLayoutPrintManager does not calculate correctly the range of the layouts
Bug : 70000540 Image with Clipping is drawn in backward direction when printed in wire 2d mode
Bug : 70000541 Large tif files in 32 bit loose their palette
Bug : 70000542 At FilterActionPoint setting the point to null the action finishes and does not continue
Bug : 70000543 splines are not exported correctly in wmf
Bug : 70000544 Open specific Dxf file is throw an exception
Bug : 70000545 MappedImages of vdPolyface are not updated
Bug : 70000551 CmdInsert fails when block has invalid characters
Bug : 70000555 Dimension colors are not exported properly in DWG file format
Bug : 70000556 BackGroundMask of vdMtext is not working with Background color correctly
Bug : 70000559 Lights on blocks with smooth polyfaces are not applied properly
Bug : 70000560 Native export to PDF is not working properly for specific drawing
Bug : 70000564 Boolean operation substraction is not working well in specific occasion
Bug : 70000568 Multiline color draw hatch issues
Bug : 70000571 Images disappears after print to PDF or SVG
Bug : 70000572 AddItem of GripSelection is not fired after 7004
Bug : 70000575 I would like to filter entities by Properties using vdFilterObject
Bug : 70000578 DisableRedraw is not working properly
Bug : 70000579 vdPolyface getOsnapPoints does not return all osnaps
Bug : 70000583 CmdClipCopy and CMDClipPaste decimal precision issue
Bug : 70000584 Printing viewports in wire2d filled solid areas improperly overlap other objects
Bug : 70000585 Boolean operation substraction returns wrong result
Bug : 70000595 ClipBoundary of vdInsert is not transformed accordingly with the vdInsert
Bug : 70000596 Viewport cliping is not working correctly
Bug : 70000598 MText issue with chinese letters
Bug : 70000600 Rotate3D has the wrong rotation center when file is opened and before zoomed in or out
Bug : 70000601 Hatch with Image linetypes and lineweights inside viewports are not displayed properly
Bug : 70000606 Layouts with viewports in perspective mode PDF export issue
Bug : 70000608 Line with linetype is not highlighted when selected ruing a selection action
Bug : 70000609 dwg crashes on open due to blocks that have references of itself inside
Bug : 70000613 pxqc parameter in Mtext is not working correctly when BoxWidth is 0
Bug : 70000616 Intersection between circles returns wrong result
Bug : 70000618 VdDimension and vdDimStyle ScaleFactor not to be 0
General : 70000537 Some VDF forms of vdPrimaries crash when all objects are VisibleOnForms false