All Articles for version [7011]


Wish : 70001006 Support webgl matrial images with webgl render mode
Wish : 70001016 Support webgl section clip
Wish : 70001019 Support draw hatch boundary with scriptCommand hatch
Wish : 70001024 Adjust scaling size when zoomin zoomout with mouse actions
Wish : 70001029 Entity selection callback
Wish : 70001050 Export polylines with different segment widths produce large vds file
Wish : 70001051 Adjust scaling sensitivity for user action scale
Wish : 70001053 Complete the selection by code without right click or double click
Wish : 70001063 remove the previous undo from undo history
Wish : 70001064 Get the number of currently selected items using vdSelectionModified event
Wish : 70001065 Action parse to accept values from a keybord input
Wish : 70001066 New property that exclude entities from save
Wish : 70001067 ActionDraw event in order to display custom user shapes
Wish : 70001070 Add dimension block in Web Control
Wish : 70001078 ActionScaleMode to work when user insert block refeference
Wish : 70001079 Merge document
Wish : 70001088 How to know which snap point was clicked
Bug : 70001073 Drawing solid fill polygons with a large number of points takes too much time in webGL
Bug : 70001091 ScriptCommand finish callback does not fire in all cases
Bug : 70001092 GroupsManager.AddItem method throws an exeption


Wish : 70001015 vdXproperties with the same name are not exported properly
Bug : 70001009 DXF proxy Object is not read properly
Bug : 70001020 Some DWF files are not opened properly
Bug : 70001025 DGN Xrefs issues
Bug : 70001033 Layout paper is not initialized properly
Bug : 70001040 SPLines are not exported properly in DWG
Bug : 70001058 Some multilines objects are not imported
Bug : 70001083 Dimension or Dimstyle with no arrow block are not read properly
Bug : 70001090 Embeded image is not properly exported to DWG
Bug : 70001028 Failed to open specific dwf file


Bug : 70001011 XProperty of type HANDLE is not exported properly in DXF
Bug : 70001044 XProperties are not exported properly in DXF and DGN


Wish : 70001008 Speed Improvement of ClearEraseItems method
Wish : 70001012 When MergeSelection method is used to transfer also the GUIDs of the objects
Wish : 70001027 OpenGL problems in Virtual machines
Wish : 70001034 I would like to be able to set the color of the letters of the UCS Icon
Wish : 70001036 I wish the External reference dialog to have a support Path button
Wish : 70001045 Window or Crossing selection order of objects is reversed
Wish : 70001071 GetModel2dProjection Method to create a more detailed output
Wish : 70001081 vdPrint ExportLines to support also viewports
Bug : 70001007 EditText and AddText commands do not show cursor correctly when the text has Oblique Angle
Bug : 70001010 Polyline with multiple points on points is not rendered properly
Bug : 70001013 Inserts Inside Blocks are not visible although their layer is ON
Bug : 70001014 Layer Groups and Filters are saved to DXF even if they are deleted before save
Bug : 70001017 Image is deleted when used inside a nonused Block
Bug : 70001018 Polyline with linetype and start and end widths is not rendered properly
Bug : 70001021 RenderToGraphics and RenderToDC clear the background of destination graphics context
Bug : 70001022 Dimension objects are not exported properly in PDF
Bug : 70001026 An exeption is thrown rarely and randomly inside vdraw Idle
Bug : 70001030 Bhatch command adds white color as fillcolor for the created polyhatch
Bug : 70001031 Stretch command with user selection of partial mtext causes exception
Bug : 70001032 vdMtext objects are not aligned properly
Bug : 70001035 vdLayout DrawCCSAxis showOnOrigin parameter is not working properly
Bug : 70001037 Application hangs after the user attempts to open specific file
Bug : 70001038 Images are not imported properly from EMF
Bug : 70001039 Block names are not proper for DWG
Bug : 70001042 LineTypes with Shape segments are not diplay properly in 3d with ExcludeFromList Draw3DFlag
Bug : 70001046 Layer control is not displaying large layer names properly
Bug : 70001047 bHatch and getBoundaryPoly commands problem
Bug : 70001048 3dPAthSection is not working correctly with line following z axis
Bug : 70001049 Printer paper is not read properly
Bug : 70001054 MText is rendered in wrong position
Bug : 70001055 vdDimension is thrown an exception
Bug : 70001056 Adjust scaling sensitivity for user action scale in VDF
Bug : 70001057 Texts in hide mode are shown whill behind other objects
Bug : 70001059 ElevatedGradientColors in vdPolyface are not shown in Render mode
Bug : 70001060 GetBoundaryPolyFromPoint issue
Bug : 70001061 Dot line types are not visible during action draw
Bug : 70001062 Drawing with empty texts has wrong bounding box when inserted as block
Bug : 70001069 Gradient fill is not working properly
Bug : 70001072 cmdMirror is not working properly with vdText in some cases and MirrorText false
Bug : 70001075 LineForced property should be applied only to radial and diameter dimensions
Bug : 70001076 DWG file opens some image objects that should not appear
Bug : 70001077 Rotate3D command also rotates the HatchAngle of HatchProperties
Bug : 70001080 HatchPattern property of the HatchProperties is not restored to UndoHistory
Bug : 70001082 DimStyle block name contains block that refrences itself
Bug : 70001085 Superscript and subscript in MTexts are not rendered properly
Bug : 70001087 In rare cases with bad printer drivers some exceptions occur
Bug : 70001089 MultiViews locked when layer 0 is locked
Bug : 70001093 PrintOut in Black and White is not as in VDF version 6
Bug : 70001086 vdInsert objects with subobjects in Frozen Layers zooming problems