All Articles for version [8004]


Wish : 70001653 Get Entity ECSMatrix and transform a point with it
Wish : 70001681 Support CmdRotate 3d on WebControl
Wish : 70001683 Export AddFigureToCollection on WebControl
Bug : 70001656 Transformation of some entities is not working properly


Bug : 70001624 Angular dimensions are not read properly
Bug : 70001625 DWG fails to load
Bug : 70001633 Dwg linetypes with shape segments are not imported properly
Bug : 70001647 Textstyle is not read properly the second time the drawing is opened
Bug : 70001670 Dimensions with Tolerance Display Basic issue
Bug : 70001686 DWG cannot be opened


Bug : 70001690 IFC file of version 4_2 cannot be opened
General : 70001684 What IfcType can I use for my ifcProduct


Wish : 70001628 Export URL property of objects to PDF export
Wish : 70001634 Action select window is flickering while zoom in or out
Wish : 70001635 Support Bold SHX texts
Wish : 70001644 improve of drawing refresh performance
Wish : 70001646 Performance issues with vdLayoutSplit Actions
Wish : 70001649 Improve quality of export text to pdf
Wish : 70001654 Peprendicular OSNAP in polyline when moving a polyline vertex to have more options
Wish : 70001659 Improve performance with DisableReadraw
Wish : 70001666 I would like polylines with same widths to be exploded as lines and not as polyhatch
Wish : 70001676 GetModel2dProjection command and Model2DProjectionSize property added in VDFCAD sample
Wish : 70001680 Printer Form is delaying too much when changing the save to file checkbox
Wish : 70001685 Ability to continue actions in other viewports in multiview
Wish : 70001689 SpaceMouse support set center of view rotation
Wish : 70001691 Export ActiveMultiLineStyle to the Wrapper
Wish : 70001693 When changing on off to a layer the layers dialog takes too long to update
Bug : 70001617 TransformBy of vdImage with KeepAspect False
Bug : 70001618 BackgroundMask properties of Texts and Mtexts throw an exception when there is no Style
Bug : 70001620 Dimensions in XZ plane are not exported properly in DXF files
Bug : 70001627 Dimension TextBackGroundMaskBorderColor issues
Bug : 70001629 Filled objects with ByBlock and Solid2DTransparency are not rendered properly
Bug : 70001630 LockLayerMethod messes up Draw3DFlag change during Draw
Bug : 70001631 DXF with Multiline issue
Bug : 70001632 SaveDXFToStream closes the stream when it should not
Bug : 70001637 Special case of poststring in dimensions is not working correctly
Bug : 70001638 Polyhatch is not displayed properly
Bug : 70001639 VDF cannot open PDF files with special characters in filename from specific network locatio
Bug : 70001640 Clipped Images display incorrectly
Bug : 70001641 Pick printable area of frmPrintManager is not working properly
Bug : 70001642 Section Clips are not working properly in some cases
Bug : 70001643 Memory increases when objects are selected
Bug : 70001645 Space character adds ascent and or descent to the vdText and vdMText objects
Bug : 70001650 Pan command throws an exception when RenderingQuality is HighQuality
Bug : 70001652 Selecting window is not working properly
Bug : 70001657 The circle in View3D VROT command is not visible on start of command
Bug : 70001658 CmdAddSectionClip command refresh issues
Bug : 70001661 Zoom Window in Back or Front views is not working properly
Bug : 70001662 MText with SHX fonts throws an exception
Bug : 70001663 Texts using Big SHX font file are display properly
Bug : 70001665 Polyline width is not drawing properly
Bug : 70001669 Mtext with new line at the begining is not behaving correctly while editing
Bug : 70001672 ON property of layer 0 doesn't work properly for inserts
Bug : 70001673 Specific transparent PNG file is not working as expected
Bug : 70001677 Select of vdImage calls ImageBind method for no reason
Bug : 70001678 Moving mouse around the objects is very slow
Bug : 70001679 Mtext paragraph issues
Bug : 70001688 Some vdInsert with attributes are not rendered properly
Bug : 70001692 vdMtext is not shown properly