All Articles for version [9002]


Wish : 70001981 Add ability to save a modified drawing with the Simple web service example
Wish : 70001990 Text undefined properties to use reference Style properties
Wish : 70002002 Support Attributes grips of a Insert objects
Wish : 70002010 MergeDocument does not keep the source document handles
Bug : 70001972 Bind Xref using AddBlockFromFile is not working properly
Bug : 70002004 web control FilterEntities method throws an exception
Bug : 70002006 ExplodeObjects is thrown an exception with insert entities that contains Attributes
Bug : 70002026 Hebrew text characters order in WebControl
Bug : 70002035 Osnaps on polyline with widths raise an error
Bug : 70002041 Images do not display properly the transparency


Wish : 70001963 DWG document freezes vdraw when trying to open Region entities
Wish : 70001986 Support import of Trace objects as filled polylines
Bug : 70001952 Open specific Dwg file throws an exception
Bug : 70001978 Specific dwg file is thrown an exception
Bug : 70002047 File converter raises an exception on start


Wish : 70001979 I would like to read IfcOrganization and IfcUnits from an IFC file
Bug : 70001985 IFC file is not imported
Bug : 70002034 vdCurve and Polyhatches with thickness are not exported correctly in IFC


Bug : 70002022 Binary DXF file with binary data cannot be opened


Wish : 70002019 Importing Dgn TagElement objects


Wish : 70001953 Hatch is not working properly with 3d polylines
Wish : 70001954 Support InsUnits for each vdBlock separately
Wish : 70001955 Fast draw images and solid filled regions in wire 2d render modes
Wish : 70001957 Better Fill of commands in the popup form of the commandline
Wish : 70001959 PolyFace with Hatch pattern fill
Wish : 70001965 Reduce the size of svg export
Wish : 70001971 Undo should not store empty groups
Wish : 70001974 Make text of 3D dimension to be aligned proper relative to the dimension line
Wish : 70001998 Int32Array fast constructor
Wish : 70001921 Ability to import linetypes and hatches using their dialogs
Wish : 70001975 Support different color linetypes and lineweights for dimension Ext Line
Wish : 70001983 Selection and drawing performance improvements
Wish : 70002001 Opengl Graphics card drivers issues
Wish : 70002007 I wish there was a command to draw a tangent line between two circles
Wish : 70002012 vdPolyline GetBoundaryPolyFromPoint is taking too long
Wish : 70002014 In vdDimension remove an extra space character when units are architectural
Wish : 70002023 I wish menu txt will not be loaded at all if I dont want it
Wish : 70002025 I wish Mtext would create a new line not only with spaces but with all characters
Bug : 70001961 Insert with vdLeaders is not exploded properly
Bug : 70001967 Mtext weird behaviour when empty line is last in cmdText command
Bug : 70001969 Select window polylgon is not working properly
Bug : 70001970 Mtext does not serialize backgroundMask if it is not shown
Bug : 70001973 Draw RulerObject is throw an exception when control size is too small to fit
Bug : 70001997 Printing 3D viewports to PDF
Bug : 70001999 Resize of control is flickering with black background
Bug : 70002000 getUserDynamicRot is not working when vdDocument OrbitActionKey is None
Bug : 70001982 OSnaps of polyfaces inside blocks with drawing that contains Section Clips do not work prop
Bug : 70001984 Polyline Solid fill with a large mount of vertexes is not working in 3d render mode
Bug : 70001988 Offset is not producing correct results when UseAdvancedAlgorithm is not None
Bug : 70001989 Selection Entities inside Split Layouts throws a null reference exception
Bug : 70001992 Escaping Select closed curve in bhatch dialog raises an exception
Bug : 70001994 FocalLength is not woking properly with Perspective view
Bug : 70001995 FindFile and ValidateFilenamePath methods not working properly
Bug : 70002003 VDF controls initialization throws an exception
Bug : 70002005 Selection of vdPolyface is throw an exception
Bug : 70002008 Hatch is not import properly from Dwg file
Bug : 70002011 Deserializing vdml vdcl files Decimal types is thrown an exception
Bug : 70002015 AddCurentZoomToHistory is thrown IndexOutOfRangeException exception
Bug : 70002017 SectionCLips are not applied to text strings in top view
Bug : 70002020 HatchImage in polyline is not saved correctly in PDF
Bug : 70002024 Specific complex hatch is not exported properly to PDF
Bug : 70002027 Chamfer command is not working properly with specific polyline
Bug : 70002028 Selection over polyfaces that are hidden due to section clips
Bug : 70002029 PrintRender crashes when using saveas PDF with DrawTextAsSelected
Bug : 70002030 EMF with images are not imported properly
Bug : 70002031 Trasparency is lost when altering imagedef
Bug : 70002032 vds cannot be saved to dxf
Bug : 70002033 Difference exporting pdf when perspecive is ON
Bug : 70002036 Buggy character at the end of pat file makes the file unloadable
Bug : 70002037 Image with complex clip is not exported correctly in PDF
Bug : 70002038 ExportDistributionFile has issues with vdImageDef objects with Filename null
Bug : 70002039 Viewports with polyline clip boundary are not cliped when exported to PDF
Bug : 70002043 Multiline dialog issue while typing offset value
Bug : 70002045 Transparency for some entities is ignored when exporting to PDF
Bug : 70002046 Trim issue with ellipse
Bug : 70002048 Incorect SHX font throws an exception in dwg file
Bug : 70002049 Pan is not working in Perspective while View3D VROT is active
Bug : 70002052 PDF export fails with big hatch
Bug : 70002053 Sections clips are not apply properly with wire2d render modes
Bug : 70002054 Mtext with negative BackgroundMaskOffset cannot be saved to dwg
Bug : 70002055 Cannot import EMF file
Bug : 70002057 Image with alpha transparency per pixel is not working